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Barrera was founded in September 2011 prior to its first large presentation, Colorado Fashion Week, were 15 evening gowns and ready-to-wear pieces were presented as part of the Fall collection.  Barrera prouds itself in offering the highest quality of textiles, manufacturing and creativity.  Every garment is design exclusively and mainly cut, assembled, stitched and sewn by hand. 
Barrera believes in quality over quanity and our designs are inpired by nature, culture, most current trends, and our designer's travels and aspirations.  The creation of the Barrera label, registered under Barrera International L.L.C. became a reality after not only experiencing an internship with the world renowned designer, Tom Ford, but also from the desire to create clothes for women while reinventing a lost elegance and creating to fit into the modern world.




Juan Jimenez

Designer & Founder


Bio: Juan Jimenez has a great amount of experience not only in womenswear design but also in public relations, sales, marketing and communications. With no formal training in design, the man behind Barrera, is influenced by many different aspects and has self intructed himself in every aspect of design.  After working for a luxury retailer for the men's tailored clothing department and interning withthe prestigious Tom Ford International, Juan has gained much experience which translates into the entire Barrera label.

Erroll Perkins

Barrera International Beauty Director

Where to Find Us:

Barrera International
Phone: 720 409 7811


Email: Info@barrerainternational.com



 Barrera International Showroom

1350 Josephine Street  


Denver, CO 80206

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